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Employment Opportunities

Meadows Employment Opportunities


From track and facilities maintenance and management, communications, hospitality, venue management and administration there’s a wide and varied range of employment options that offer exciting career advancement opportunities here at The Meadows. See our current list of available roles below.




Looking for greater work/life balance whilst remaining in the industry you love? Sick of late nights and long hours? This could be the perfect position for you. As one of the largest and most successful greyhound racing Clubs in Australia, The Melbourne Greyhounds is on the hunt for a bistro and events expert at its iconic venue – The Meadows. Racing twice weekly, on Saturday nights and Wednesday afternoons, the Club’s City View Bistro (which opened this year) caters for up to 300 people in a modern setting with striking views of the Melbourne CBD skyline and offers upmarket bistro classics. Downstairs the venue caters for casual race day/night dining and QSR style food in our Midas Room Cafe and Bar.

We’re currently seeking a highly capable and experienced person to lead both. We also offer this candidate the opportunity to cater corporate and special events, as part of The Meadows Conferencing and Events arm. The Club’s ambition is to grow a fledgling hospitality business to become a renowned Saturday night entertainment and dining option in the inner north of Melbourne.

You can read and apply for he position here.



> City View Bistro (Kitchen, Bar and Floor staff)

The City View Bistro sits inside The Meadows, operating as an a la carte restaurant on Saturday Race Nights and as the kitchen and function provider for all Meadows Conference and Events Centre. The recently refurbished Kitchen and dining room provides a great work environment and space for those eager to create and craft delicious dishes. Right now, we’re seeking casual and part-time kitchen staff to support our head chef and his team – our busiest period of the year is no on us. Whether you’re happy to wash some dishes, prep and prepare meals for the pass or show of your signature smile as a waiter or bar person, now it the perfect time to reach out grab a shift! Generous Award Rates paid.


> Venue & Hospitality Staff (Casual & Part-time)

Spring and summer are our busiest times at ‘The Melbourne Greyhounds – The Meadows’. Two weekly feature race meets (Wednesday afternoons, Friday or Saturday nights) and conference and events bookings throughout the week mean we’ve got plenty of casual and part-time roles available. It’s the perfect opportunity to fill the coffers before the festive holiday period arises, earn some extra coin to offset the recent cost of living rises or treat yourself with a little something you’ve had you eye on. We have a variety of roles including bar work, cafe and food counter service and guest management support now available.


If any of the above employment opportunities excite or interest you, please call (03) 9355 5222 or send us an e-mail with advice on what role you’d be interested in.


Why work for the Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association (MGRA) at The Meadows or Healseville?

There’s are a long list of reasons to join the ‘Friends of The Meadows’ as a staff member, but the big one that makes a considerable difference to why our workplace environments are more inclusive, friendly and enjoyable is the fact that the MGRA are an NFP – that’s right we’re a Not-For-Profit.


If you’ve ever worked for a corporate (Eg. McDonalds, Toyota, NAB, Qantas, H&M etc) you’ll understand making a profit is the game, where as NFPs are simply looking to make ends meet and should a profit be realised it usually gets reinvested back into the business or donated. (The MGRA donates over $50,000 to local community groups annual. Take a look at our community section of our website to learn more). Chasing profits can add pressure to workplaces, and operationally causes them be run leaner and as cost-effectively as possible. Staff are usually the first causality when it comes such operational pressures.

You may also believe our alignment to racing means we must be actively engaged in wagering. This is not true. Yes, we have a wagering sponsorship arrangement, yet this is used to fund the racing aspects of our association, where a great deal is gifted back to greyhound racing trainers and owners as prize money and managing race meets. And of course funding the welfare of our favourite Meadows venue visitors, the dogs, through initiatives such as the GAP Program. (To understand more about the race history of the MGRA you can read about it here on our website.)


In overview, simply think of the MGRA as a local Sports Club. We’ve a board (committee) who presides over the Association, who then employee staff to run and manage their venue, The Meadows Racetrack and Conference and Events Centre. If you’d like to be part of this terrific Club and team, let us know! We’re sure you’ll love our culture and the work community we provide as an employer.