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Corey Smith’s Speed Star Preview


#1 MEPUNGA RUBY ($1.18) v #2 Major Sacrifice ($4.80)
I think Major Sacrifice is a stayer on the up, but one not suited to the 1v1 format of match racing. On the other hand, Mepunga Ruby is a potential superstar, and the match racing format should be absolutely no hindrance to her. Mepunga Ruby should be winning this match up and is rightful favourite for the overall winner.

Mepunga Ruby in 42.55

#3 FIVE STAR ($1.45) v #4 Empress Tears ($2.75)
Five Star is the reigning Speed Star distance champion and while he hasn’t been in the greatest of form as of late, this format suits and with clear air he is a serious animal and should be winning. Empress Tears is a full sister to Speed Star royalty in Tornado Tears & Rippin’ Sam and has that same laconic action but doesn’t quite have the same level of ability.

Five Star in 42.70

#5 KNICKS BALE ($1.80) v #6 Drako Bale ($2)
As close to a flip of a coin as it gets in the distance series today. I see Drako Bale leading Knicks Bale but with clearer air than she normally gets in running, Knicks Bale is my selection. The Samantha/Correy Grenfell kennel is going extremely well currently and since stepping up to the distance, she has been ultra-impressive!

Knicks Bale in 42.75

#7 Rock on Jimmy ($6) v #8 HANK THE HUSTLER ($1.12)
The early price of $11 for Rock on Jimmy had me interested but now getting into $6 is closer to his correct price. Hank the Hustler is usually better getting a sit in his races, and he won’t be able to have that luxury against Rock on Jimmy who is ideally suited to the Speed Star format as a dog who normally finds trouble in races but can run well with clear air. In saying all that, expect class to prevail and Hank the Hustler will continue his good form and win this match race.

Hank the Hustler in 42.75

Overall Selections:
1. Mepunga Ruby
3. Five Star
8. Hank the Hustler
5. Knicks Bale

Mepunga Ruby (overall) @ $2.20
Five Star (H2H) @ $1.45
Knicks Bale (H2H) @ $1.80


#1 CAPTAIN DYNAMITE ($8) v #2 Fernando Frank ($1.08)
I don’t think this is as open and shut as the pricings suggest here. Fernando Frank is rightfully favourite, but Captain Dynamite is your prototypical Speed Star dog. If Captain Dynamite was going into this 12 months ago pre-injuries and form drop offs, then you’d be re-mortgaging the house to get on at $8. I don’t think you should be doing that in this race, but Captain Dynamite is certainly worth a little play at the H2H price.
Captain Dynamite in 34.35

#3 RUN LIKE JESS ($1.22) v #4 Shadow Mist ($4.20)
I think the market is seeing this match race as a “find the leader, find the winner” type operation with Run Like Jess very likely to break 9 seconds to the first peg and lead this comfortably. I think the market is correct in having ‘Jess’ as favourite over the second placegetter from the McKenna Memorial, Shadow Mist.

Run Like Jess in 34.40

#5 Zac’s Entity ($2.90) v #6 COLLINDA PATTY ($1.40)
The match race of the night which is crazy to say considering Zac’s Entity is having his third career start and Collinda Patty is only 12 starts in. Despite Zac’s Entity having an absurdly good run home time already, the first split difference between the two in their qualifying trials was over 4 lengths (0.28 seconds) which is a huge gap to make up when you’re trying to chase down a dog likely to break 34 seconds. Expect improvement from both these potential stars but with Collinda Patty leading, I can’t see her being beaten.

Collinda Patty in 33.95

#7 Mepunga Warrior ($1.75) v #8 GYPSY WYONG ($2.05)
The middle-distance event is the series that just keeps on giving with two up and comers going toe to toe here. Mepunga Warrior has won his last three over this track and distance but with the finishing times being 34.25, 34.27 & 34.29 we know what to expect with him. Gypsy Wyong recently beat Mepunga Ruby (725m SS favourite) over 660m and dropping back to the 600m here with clear air could give this exciting youngster plenty of room to improve.

Gypsy Wyong in 34.25

Overall Selections:
6. Collinda Patty
5. Zac’s Entity
8. Gypsy Wyong
1. Captain Dynamite

Captain Dynamite (H2H) @ $8
Gypsy Wyong (H2H) @ $2.05
Collinda Patty (overall) $1.90
Winning Time faster than 34.100 @ $1.90



#1 Chop Scotch ($2.00) v #2 PADDY WANTS PATS ($1.80)
A close match up as the betting suggests but I am quite keen on Paddy Wants Pats here, I think he is just a stronger animal and with the clear air that the match racing format tends to provide, I think the son of Black Magic Opal x Striker Light can show his true talent and win this match race with relative ease in the home straight.

Paddy Wants Pats in 29.80

#3 Lala Kiwi ($2.25) v #4 TIGGERLONG TONK ($1.65)
Old guard v new guard, who will win? I’m sticking with the old guard here, the great Tiggerlong Tonk may be close to retirement, but he beat red hot series favourite, Aston Rupee last start at Sandown in a quick 29.23 and gives me no reason to think he isn’t the same dog he has been for the last two years. I have a huge opinion of Lala Kiwi and she was super impressive winning a star-studded G3 Cranbourne Classic last week but have to stick with the ‘tonk’ who has plenty of experience in this format.

Tiggerlong Tonk in 29.70

#5 ASTON RUPEE ($1.18) v #6 Weblec Blazer ($4.80)
The reigning Speed Star champion vs the fastest qualifier. An absolute marquee matchup but as the betting suggests, Aston Rupee is arguably the fastest greyhound on the planet and this format is right up his alley. Weblec Blazer has a serious motor but will find it hard to hold off Aston Rupee and if he runs up to his personal best of 29.47 he will be winning and winning comfortably.

Aston Rupee in 29.50

#7 Aston Cade ($11) v #8 QWARA BALE ($1.04)
There are no spoils in backing the G1 Maturity champion, Qwara Bale, in this one but I can’t see her getting beaten. Aston Cade is a serious animal but isn’t going as well as he has in the past. ‘Queen’ Qwara is likely to light up the first sectional with a low 5 second split and have very little resistance from Aston Cade.

Qwara Bale in 29.70

Overall Selections:
5. Aston Rupee
8. Qwara Bale
4. Tiggerlong Tonk
6. Weblec Blazer

Suggested Bets:
Qwara Bale (Fastest 1st Section) @ $2.60
Paddy wants Pats (H2H) @ $1.80


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