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Free Meals at The Meadows

To reduce the incentive for participants and essential staff to make stops for food in Covid hotspot areas, the Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association (MGRA) will be providing complimentary meal vouchers at all race meetings until at least the end of the lockdown period in the Broadmeadows area.
MGRA CEO Ashley Baker explained that whilst the Club, like many other businesses, is going through a difficult financial period, it is important that safety remains the priority.
‘After a successful trial on Saturday night (4 July) we have decided it is in the interests of the industry that we continue to offer free take away meals to all participants and essential staff attending our race meetings.
We are located in a Covid hotspot area and it’s important that we all adapt our behaviours to ensure everyone stays safe and racing is able to continue.
We urge all participants and staff to take us up on the offer of a free take away meal and refrain from going elsewhere before, during and after race meetings.
We need to work together to ensure that our racing product and all the livelihoods that rely on it remain protected and I thank everyone for their cooperation.’
Meal vouchers (one per person) will be handed out at the kennels and can be redeemed at The Deck for a take away meal and drink. Participants are welcome to sit in the Betting Ring or upstairs Temlee room providing that social distancing protocols are adhered to at all times.
Please note that The Meadows continues to comply with all government recommendations throughout this pandemic, and as such this offer may be modified or rescinded at any time without notice if required by State Government regulations.
The racetrack remains closed to members of the public at this point in time.
For more information please contact the Club on 03 9355 5222

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