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2020 Launching Pad Competition

The Meadows Competition 13032020

The Meadows has purchased two (2) entry forms for the 2020 Launching Pad to be held at Sandown in March & April
and now we need your help to decide which greyhounds deserve those tickets!

Cast your vote before 11:59pm on Thursday 19 March, and If you vote for one of the top two ranked dogs
you’ll be in with the chance to win a $1000!

And then if that greyhound goes on to win a Semi Final of the Launching Pad you’ll win another $2000!

And if that greyhound then goes on to win the Final of the Launching Pad – you’ll win an extra $10,000!

Please take all care in filling in your contact information to ensure
we can reach you should your name be drawn as one of our winners.

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