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Greyhounds find a new place to gallop freely at The Meadows

The Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association (MGRA) is pleased to announce the opening of a new Galloping Yard facility at The Meadows.
Available for use by Slipping Track members, the new area boasts a safe perimeter fence and beautiful soft surface, perfect for an off-leash gallop.
It is hoped that the area will benefit trainers who don’t have suitable facilities at home for their greyhounds to have a free gallop and will also double as a much-needed safe area for GAP adoptees to exercise their beloved pups.
The MGRA is committed to assisting and providing returns to the greyhound racing industry, with the new Galloping Yard forming part of a broader initiative involving the installation of treadmills, hydrobaths & more.
MGRA Chairman Eddie Caruana explained how this new facility falls within the Club’s future strategy.
‘We understand our responsibility within the industry to help ensure a sustainable future for our sport. By continuing to improve and add to our facilities we intend to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for trainers to utilise in years to come.’
The Galloping Yard will be available seven days a week for those with memberships, but the site will be set aside between the hours of 10am & 12 noon on the first Sunday of every month (starting Sunday 1 December)  for non-members with pet greyhounds to exercise and socialise free of charge.
If you have a non-racing greyhound and you’d like more information on how to join up with the Sunday social crew, please contact The Meadows.
A membership for the Slipping Track and Galloping Yard costs $75 per year and renews at the end of each financial year.
For all enquiries please contact The Meadows on (03) 9355 5222 or


Galloping Yard Rules and Regulations

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