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Two-turn experience the key to winning TAB Great Chase: Borg

Maryborough’s Joe Borg has some sound advice for fellow trainers ahead of October’s lucrative $230,000 TAB Great Chase series.

Borg, who has trained two Great Chase Grand Final winners, insists that giving greyhounds experience at negotiating two turns, including in trials out of the boxes, will dramatically increase their chances of success in the event.

“I think the key factor to winning the Great Chase is experience at this track (The Meadows),” Borg said following his 2016 Great Chase win with Promises Kept. “A lot of people don’t realise how much it means for a dog to go around and get the experience around two turns.”

The TAB Great Chase is a unique series in that it is for greyhounds with 1-5 wins, with heats run across all of Victoria’s 13 racetracks, mostly one-turn venues. From there, greyhounds progress through to semi-finals at The Meadows, and this is the point where many dogs come unstuck if they haven’t trialled or raced around two turns before.

“I learned early days with dogs I’ve trained who had a lot of experience on u-shaped tracks. They’d come here (to The Meadows) and they’d need three or four goes before they really showed their true potential,” Borg explained.

The more opportunities you give your greyhound to have a look at The Meadows, the better your chances are of winning this prestigious event.

WATCH: Joe Borg on the key to winning the TAB Great Chase.


(Arm): Trials start at 5.30pm & work backwards. Bookings close 11am sharp Monday.
(Pen): Trials start at 6pm until completion. Bookings close 4pm sharp.

(Pen): Trials start after the last race. Bookings from 8.30am Wednesday.

(Arm): Trials start at 8.30am. Bookings close at 4pm sharp on Thursday.

Please note: Trials are not held on public holidays. Contact The Meadows on 9355 5222 with any enquiries. More info, click here.


Conditions of Entry

1. Victorian Bred and Trained greyhounds only. 2. For Greyhounds with 1-5 wins (Maidens Ineligible). 3. Greyhounds must have been domiciled in Victoria for 90 days or more prior to the close of nominations. Greyhounds that have commenced racing under 90 days must only have been domiciled in a Victorian kennel. 4. A greyhound must not be under any order of probation under the rules of Greyhound Racing Victoria at the time of nomination that will not allow it to compete at The Meadows, for the 2017 TAB Great Chase Semi Finals and Grand Final. 5. Each greyhound is only eligible to compete in one series of heats. 6. The heats are open to the best greyhounds nominated plus reserves and will be capped at the number of greyhounds progressing to Semi-Finals. 7. The number of greyhounds progressing to the Semi Finals differs at each track. 3 greyhounds will progress from Healesville. 3 greyhounds plus 1 reserve will progress from: Horsham, Sale, Sandown, Traralgon and Warrnambool. 4 greyhounds plus 1 reserve will progress from: Bendigo, Cranbourne, Geelong, Shepparton and The Meadows. 5 greyhounds plus 1 reserve will progress from: Ballarat and Warragul. There will be a ‘ballot’ for the reserve positions. Eligibility to compete in Semi Finals subject to GRV Rule LR33.8. 8. The Winners and the fastest second placegetters from the 6 Semi-Finals will progress to the Grand Final. 9. Upon entering this event, trainers will make themselves and their greyhound/s available for any reasonable promotional opportunities relating to this event at Greyhound Racing Victoria’s request. This may include visiting community groups at their facility as well as media and photo opportunities as they arise. 10. Greyhound Racing Victoria reserves the right to alter and amend conditions and prize money for The 2017 TAB Great Chase. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be published on

Nomination closing times are as per normal for each of the Victorian clubs. Please don’t hesitate to contact GRV’s Racing or Strategic Communication Departments on 03 8329 1100 should you have any questions about ‘The 2017 TAB Great Chase’

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